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.a. outside the heavily defended lapd headquarters. miguel, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. tonight police headquarters is a fortress. some officers are armed with shotguns in addition to their side arms. the lapd says they're under attack by a man targeting law enforcement officers. 33-year-old christopher dorner is an accused cop killer who says he won't stop the killing until he's dead. tonight, thousands of police officers are hunting for a man that used to be one of their own. tactical teams spread across nine counties in southern california. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. >> reporter: he's heavily armed and extremely dangerous. police say former lapd officer christopher dorner has already killed three, and is gunning for more. >> this has gone far enough. nobody else needs to die. >> reporter: fired from the force in 2009 for allegedly making false statements, dorner says his dismissal was unjust. police say he names those he's targeting in this chilling manifesto published online. the lapd has suppressed the truth and it has now led to deadly
was fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2008 for making false statements. he filed a wrongful termination suit but lost the case. >> the people he had a grievance were fair game and so were their families. >> reporter: the killing spree began on sunday when the daughter of the l.a.p.d. captain was found dead along with her fiance and then thursday dorner shot and killed an officer and then shot two more. during the morning chaos police mistakenly shot and wounded two women delivering newspapers when officers thought they spotted dorner's truck. >> there are many local connections to this bizarre story. we continue our coverage. some of dorner's anger is targeted at bill bratten. >> reporter: bratten says he fired dorner when he was chief of police in los angeles and that puts him on dorner's list. tonight police say this situation is a reminder that officers can become targets. newly hired consultant is on christopher dorner's list. dorner sent a package to anderson cooper at cnn. inside a shot up l.a.p.d. coin given to him by bratten and a note. bratten says he is a target because he signed o
. the 33-year-old said he's declaring war on the lapd after losing his job with the department back in 2008. according to his lengthy and rambling online manifesto he wants revenge until his name is cleared. he writes the violence of action will be high, i will bring unconventional warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. dorner is accused of fatally shooting a couple in irving, firing on cops in chino and firing on two police officers killing one of them. his vehicle was found in the big bear area but no sign of the man as police described as armed and dangerous. >> reporter: this burned out truck belonging to murder suspect christopher dorner was found thursday afternoon in the mountains two hours east of los angeles. but dorner himself was nowhere to be found. >> dorner is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: a former navy reservist and expert marksman, dorner posted a lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats against police officers he intended to kill. dorner claims he was treated unfairly when fired from the l.a. police department in 2008. he fi
are searching for former lapd officer christopher dorn ersan say he's heavily armed and willing to die. he's seen here with an lapd chief bill brat tin. brat tin has been hired as a consultant for the oakland police. we're following the investigation. arturo. >> police say dorner is considered to be a threat to all law enforcement officers. dorner himself was a los angeles police officer from 2005 to 2008 but he was fired for making false statements and now an us cooed of killing three other people and injuring two others. tonight, the manhunt for dorner has led to big bear valley. his pickup truck was found there after it had been set on fire. schools in the area were placed on lockdown and ski areas were closed as officers conduct a door to door search of every home in the area. extra officers have been posted at various checkpoints to inspect every vehicle as they drive through. now, the search for dorner involves now more than 1,000 officers statewide and within the past hour, the search has extended to dorner's former home in las vegas. police say christopher dorner's shooting spre be
for a former lapd officer they think killed two people. officers think christopher dorner committed the murders because he is upset from his termination. one of the victims was the daughter of a lapd captain. tonight police have a manifesto that they say dorner wrote in which he said the murders were a necessary evil. the victim's father is mentioned several times in the manifesto. we'll keep you updated on the search for this man in southern california. >>> well, the state legislature is now considering a new law to implicate president obama's health care overhaul. our investigative unit found it likely won't drive down any of the health care costs. but that's not all. investigative reporter stephen stock discovered major flaws in the current way costs here in california are reported to customers. stephen? >> reporter: raj, under current california law, anyone can get a list of prices for hospital services. what it cost you for an emergency room visit, for instance. it's called the payer's bill of rights and it's intended to give you information about the cost of your health care. but we disco
are on the hunt for a man who used to be one of their own. former lapd officer christopher dorner is wanted in connection to a double hospital. the cal state basketball coach and is her fiancee were found shot to death sunday night. >>> some students at duke university say the kappa sigma fraternity went too far in throwing an asian-themed party. an invitation to the party was written in broken english and included a reference to kim jong il. members of duke's asian student association are protesting what they call a, quote, racist rager. >>> beginning in august, the post office will no longer deliver mail on saturdays. however, your packages will still show up in your mailbox. post office locations will remain open. it's expected to save the cash-strapped agency about $2 billion annually. >>> there's new research out that pinpoints the time and day of the week when a come looks her worst. i'm not kidding. drum roll. wednesday afternoon at 3:30 has been precising identified as the time when a woman's energy levels drop and stress levels peak. they say hump day was the worst. to that i say t
morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. lapd headquarters remains a target so today it is a fortress with the entrance and exits heavily guarded. this as officers all across the state try to hunt down a man who used to wear a badge. overnight, police teams scour big bear mountain, three hours outside of los angeles. this is where police discovered christopher corner's burnt out truck. the 33-year-old at the center of a massive manhunt. >> we don't know what he's going to do. we don't -- we know what he's capable of doing and we need to find him. >> reporter: heavily armed and extremely dangerous, police say corner, a former lapd officer, navy reservist and sharp shooter, has already killed three and is targeting many more. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. >> reporter: four years ago corner accused a fellow officer of kicking a suspect in the head, but it was corner who was fired for making false statements in the case. detectives say dorner is targeting officers he names in this manifesto published on-line. you will now live the life of the prey
manifesto linking himself to the crimes. >> the lapd initiated more than 40 protection details throughout the region. these protection details were based on information contained in his manifesto. >> police say before the police shootings overnight, dorner may have attempted to steal a boat from a man in san diego. police say dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. >> we can tell you this manhunt has bay area officers on alert as well. the chp issuing statewide blue alert that happened earlier this morning. mike inouye joins us live in the newsroom with more on that side of the story and exactly how officers are trying to get the word out. >> good morning. the official term that you guys just used, blue alert. like the better known amber alert, this goes out to the general public. you see some of them here. this is lit up over interstate 80 in hercules. following a violent attack on a law enforcement offer, like this case, it's designed to get as many eyes as possible looking for the suspect and the suspect vehicle for a safe and hopefully swift capture. we have a picture rele
grudges against specific people. investigators believe he is trying to avenge his dismissal from lapd which took place back in 2009. jon, marla? >> bob, a lot to put out there. thanks so much. dorner does have his supporters. this facebook page surfaced late yesterday called i support christopher jordan dorner. this morning it's received more than 1300 likes just earlier this morning about four hours ago there were 900 likes. people posting things like, i hope they write about you in the history books. and you will not die in vain. we'll bring you the latest developments on air and online, the key word is "manhunt." >>> new at 11:00, the coast guard investigating a boat that sank in the san francisco bay this morning. that boat you can see there just sinking away. it had been tied up at pier 70, but somehow it broke free with nobody on board, then started to sink. no word yet exactly how that boat may have gone adrift or who it belongs to. >>> also new this morning a woman's death is under investigation at a san jose high rise. the body of the 24-year-old was found nea
. the department of home lapd security posted its own training video online, an active shooter scenario, tips for the public on how to survive a workplace shooting. >> if there's an accessible escape route, attempt to evacuate. >> reporter: new training tools for a new era preparing for what was once the unthinkable. the school training video isn't easy to watch but police say it's an effective and valuable tool. while it's not meant for students, they certainly will learn from that video from their teachers who did see it. savannah? >> miguel in modesto, thank you. let's get a check on the weather from al. today's weather brought to you by okkay jewelers, every kiss begins with kay. >> we have all fans with sochi fans ready to go. lenny is ready, got the "today" glove, very nice. let's check it out for you. what we've got today. pleasant spring temperatures, up to 67 in atlanta today with the cold air banked in over the plains and great lakes as that clipper comes across, that is going to bring that cold air and add that moisture from the gulf and that means a big snowstorm for the northeast
from being fired from the lapd in 2009 police say dorner road
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11